The last trips before Covid-19

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March was a month of surprises … some good and some not so good.

We started our month with a lot of energy and managed to see 5 different species! We had a champion and we think you know how… our beautiful common dolphins! They do justice to the definition: resident species, never letting us down 😉 They were present on ALL of our trips!!

We also had the opportunity to observe two other resident species: bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales. At this time of year the water starts to get colder, thus increasing its productivity … that means…food for our giant whales!

We saw then on one of our trips 2 large fin whales and even a humpback whale!! This time of year, is a wonder as these giants are passing through on their migration to the south.

Sightings march 2020

Unfortunately, … we were going on our 11th trip and we were plagued by something that was never seen or felt by any of us … COVID-19 virus. This virus is destroying the world we know. Closing our activities was our only option to protect our employees and, of course, our guests. Now we all have to wait for the situation to calm down.

Enjoy time at home with your family, always be careful to do proper hygiene (wash your hands regularly) and please … stay at home! You have to protect yourself and the others around you.

If you booked a trip to the Azores, please do not cancel it! Give just a little time until this situation stabilizes…because Azores are taking a break. Reschedule it! The whales are passing bay and we believe they are missing us 😉

We will publish news! contact us through our social networks or email. Do not miss the opportunity to come here to know paradise and to visit our whales and dolphins in their most natural state. Be safe! It will pass.

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