The humpback whale decided to stay around

Today it was a beautiful day with three different species next to us at cetus, our catamaran.
Adding to the two resident species of dolphins our lookout sighted a humpback whale!
Humpback whales don’t have real teeth, they have baleen teeth made of keratin fibres that filter the krill and the fish out of the water. This baleen whales often stay feeding on these yummy tiny preys close to shore.

During the observation time the humpback seemed to be having this behaviour, staying close to shore and taking some minutes in between each surfacing time – giving us also the opportunity to be mesmerized with the view over the green island and its rocky coast.
Our biologists recognized the tail of today’s humpback. It had the same shape as the one we saw yesterday so now we know it is the same individual – new in our catalogue – still roaming around our coast!

Along with the whale we spotted a small pod of shy Risso’s dolphins. In it we were able to recognize two females from our resident groups.
Before the humpback we were with a numerous pod of bottlenose dolphins. They were jumping, splashing, feeding and travelling quite fast but made a break from all this frenzy to satisfy their curiosity about our guests that were in the water, doing the swimming with dolphins activity.

When these curious and amazing dolphins get close to us in the middle of the Ocean it always a quite heart-warming (and heart stopping) encounter. 

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