The Commercial and Marketing Director of Futurismo appointed Ambassador of Portugal for TTC

ttc carlos picanço futurismo

At the beginning of 2021, and after an invitation at the end of 2020, Carlos Picanço, Commercial and Marketing Director at Futurismo Azores Adventures and Guest Assistant at the Faculty of Economics and Management at University of the Azores, became Ambassador of Portugal for The Transformational Travel Council.

Futurismo Azores Adventures, in front of TTC values, is one of the movement’s partner companies.

The Transformational Travel Council (TTC) is an international organization, created in the United States of America, with representatives and partners around the world. The aggregating point of all these companies is the idea of transformational travel, that is, to travel intentionally to expand and increase our way of relating to the world.

The TTC has about 250 allies, in 21 countries, represented by a Directorate and by about 50 ambassadors and advisers, involved in the pursuit of this paradigm shift, for world tourism, which advocates that, when we travel, we must:

  • have intention and openness;
  • engage in experiences that challenge us physically and / or culturally;
  • take time for personal reflection and search for meaning.

The mission of this organization is to provide the community knowledge and services that allow tourism to translate into the greatest possible benefit, for each one of us and for the communities, that is, that tourism and traveling have a positive transforming power in the way we live our lives, how we live together and with our planet.

In addition to the partnerships, TTC conducts Designer Courses – more than 100 people trained worldwide -, launched a Transformational Travel Journal and is preparing qualification for destinations. This work has had a voice in media such as the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Vox, Huffington Post, Forbes, USA Today, The Washington Post, among others, in addition to the participation of TTC elements in international events such as LuxExperience, WTM, PATA, ATWS, ITB Asia, Regenerative Travel Summit, Vestnorden, MATTER, & Impact Sustainability.

The ambassador for Portugal, Carlos Picanço, will be responsible for the divulgation of the project in our country, trying to find companies that reflect the values that this group of professionals advocate, in addition to the propagation of these ideals with schools, universities and various associations.

Futurismo Azores Adventures, a family-owned company with 30 years of experience, headquartered in Ponta Delgada, but active in the entire Azores archipelago, is distinguished by its performance that, as a Tourist Animation company and Travel Agency, seeks to combine tourism with science, education and preservation of Azorean culture and traditions, creating experiences that seek, above all, connection and knowledge. Strongly linked to the adventure tourism sector, the company employs almost 50 employees, from lookouts to guides, biologists and commercials, working side by side with institutions and local partners, universities and research centers in Portugal, Europe and North America.

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