The comeback of the fin whales!

Another day, another adventure! We had a bit of wind this morning but nothing that would stop us to find animals!

Our first sighting of the trip was a group of Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis), around 15 animals near the boat and more spread out in association with the Cory’s Shearwater (Calonectris borealis). The main feature of this dolphins is the yellow color on both sides of the body. A part of the group was quite sociable with each other, swimming, occasionally jumping and bow riding with us. It was delighting to watch.
We took as much pictures as we could to keep updating the photo-identification research that we carry on!

Our lookout then informed us that there was a baleen whale a few miles from land and we said goodbye to the dolphins and went to find this whale. It was not one, but two Fin Whales (Balaenoptera physalus)! Wow our first Fin Whales of the season! The Fin Whales are the only whale with an asymmetrical pigmentation, their rostrum on the left side is grey and on the right side is white. This different coloration makes it easier for its identification.

In contrast of what we saw today, in Terceira island it was another atmosphere… Indeed, another fin whale stranded on the coast of São Mateus, Angra do Heroísmo. It was a 12-meter female juvenile who fought for about 1h after getting stuck to try and get back to the ocean, without success.

Thank you once again to come with us and enjoy the ocean wildlife in a responsible way!
See you soon!

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