Swimming with Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Today morning, in our swimming with dolphins trip, we were very lucky to see and join a really huge group of atlantic spotted dolphins, one of the migratory dolphin species here in the Azores that is usually seen in summer, when the water is warmer. We had to go a little far to find the dolphins, but the journey was worth it. At first they seemed to be feeding, as there were a lot of cory’s shearwaters around, but then they started travelling, bow-riding and they greeted us with some jumps! We could spot some babies as well. We were surrounded by many dolphins, we could even hear their whistles underwater! What an amazing morning!

PT | Foi um dia cheio de golfinhos pintados! Aqui está um pouco da história do nosso dia, quem acha que não nadamos com…

Pubblicato da Futurismo Azores Whale Watching su Giovedì 9 luglio 2020
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