Summer is coming – whales too!

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Today the weather conditions were optimal, what a sunny morning! We have been lucky with the animals as well, a total of four species have been sighted today!

We started our trip moving quite far away from the coast, always guided by our lookouts, those who look for the animals from land. Once in the area, the biggest species of the world was wainting for us, a blue whale!

We could see its back, its dorsal fin even its gigantic blow, which can reach up to 12 meters hight! The whale went for a dive, and we had to wait a little bit for it to come back to the surface one more time.

Then, we moved to another area, a group of sperm whales was hanging out together. We could see a calf, on its own at the surface, we trained our patience again for adults to appear; you might know, whale watching also means whale waiting.

Finally, we sighted the rest of the group and stayed with them until one of them showed its tail!

On the way back to Ponta Delgada, after an other encounter with a blue whale a group of bottlenose dolphins came to visit us.

The zodiac boat could enjoy at the beginning of their trip a group of common dolphins.

These species of dolphins are resident in the Azores, which means that we sight them during the whole year! But of course, not every day. So we can consider us really fortunate to have had the oportunity to see all these wild animals today!  A sea full of surprises!

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