Sperm whales, spotted dolphins & common dolphins

With the shinning sun and the blue, calm waters, we left the harbor early this morning.
Our first sighting was a huge group of common dolphins, full of calves, who were apparently very happy to see us! They jumped, socialized, porpoised and showed us all their tricks. Porpoising is the kind of jump they do to swim faster, as water is denser than air. Thereby, everytime they porpoise they save some time while swimming.
Summer is their reproduction season, and small calves were seen as they have one year duration pregnancies. So calves we saw today are the ones that were “made” last year. And we can tell they were absolutely cute!

Our lookouts had seen a sperm whale in another area so we decided to say goodbye to these cuties and go check on the sperm whale. We arrived to the area and a female sperm whale was calmly resting on the surface. After a while, she decided to go have her lunch and said goodbye to us showing her big fluke.

Time flies, and we had to go back to Ponta Delgada. Could you imagine what other surprises will the ocean offer us tomorrow? Do not miss it! Book your ticket and find out!

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