Sperm whales, Sperm whales and more sperm whales!

Today we had a different day. In the morning we had to travel far away, to the north coast of the island in order to see sperm whales. We saw a family of 6, with calves, very active and socializing. Since we were in the north, we finished our trip in Rabo de Peixe, a small village. Our second trip started here. We traveled almost to the same area as the morning and spotted several families of sperm whales, more than 12 individuals in total. They were also very active and had the same behavior as in the morning: breaching, spyhopping and lobtailing. We were also able to see bottlenose dolphins together with one family of sperm whales. Then, we traveled back to Ponta Delgada again and finished our busy day.

Sperm whale underwater

Sperm whale underwater
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