Sperm whales, Sei whale and many dolphins today!

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What a day we had today. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and we didn’t know what amazing sightings were waiting for us!

We headed out towards Vila Franca, where a tall blow was sighted. The blow was huge – and it should be, knowing it came from the third largest animal on Earth – the sei whale! It was traveling next to our boat, giving us plenty of chances to see it from up close. Our zodiac also saw a tuna fish around!

Then, we went to see another species – a large group of charming spotted dolphins that were jumping all around our boat, with some cute tiny newborns! Meanwhile, the sei whale didn’t seem to like the idea of us going away, and followed our boat while we were watching the bowriding dolphins.

Following our story of yesterday, one of our boats went further to see sperm whales. So good to see that our well known red group of sperm whales is around! Yesterday we identified two female sperm whales: Orca and Left Tip. Today we saw Orca again, with a juvenile beside (maybe her last year baby?), and another female that we called Bear Paw with a new baby! The family looks healthy! Amazing sighting with Santa Maria as background 🙂

However, the highlight of the day was still waiting for us. We saw a group of Risso’s dolphins, which although is a resident species of t  Azores, we haven’t seen them since November! It was a great surprise and we could see individuals of various age, with different skin colorations. Another species to add to this summer’s sightings list!

Don’t miss your chance to join us on our next adventure!

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