Sperm whales are back again


A sunny day and calm sea were the settings of our amazing trip. At the beginning of the journey we saw a pod of common dolphins which approached us curiously displaying their flashy pattern of colours.

After some time enjoying this peaceful sighting, observing them swimming beneath the sea surface we decided to say goodbye to our colleagues and look for other sea inhabitants. We spotted a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins which also approached our boat and did some bowriding for a while. One of them also jumped, falling on its back! How do they like to show off some times!

While the first species of dolphin is resident in the Azores, the last one comes each early summer from southern areas in order to feed, mate and spend a big part of their lives around here.

Finally, with the help of our land lookouts, we managed to find a few sperm whales. They seemed to have eaten lately because they did frequent shallow dives, instead of deep water ones to search for prey. So they showed us several times half of their tails when rolling just below the surface. Despite enjoying their company we had to bid them farewell and start the returning to the harbour.

In the afternoon, we had some really amazing National Geographic, BBC – you name it – moments. Opposite to our morning, we started our afternoon with some sperm whale sightings.

We travelled quite far to get to them, to the most western point of São Miguel, but was all worth it when we encountered a nice group of female sperm whales with their juveniles and even a calf!

When we arrived, the group was resting on the surface. They had probably returned from a foraging dive not too long ago. After allowing us to have a good sighting, the adults and juveniles decided that it was time to go eat again and dived showing us their flukes. The calf stayed in the surface waiting for its family to come back. What a long wait that it had ahead, as usually sperm whales foraging dives last around 40 to 50 min. Hope it had a good time while waiting.

It was time to leave the sperm whales and starting our way back to Ponta Delgada. We were quite far away from the city. But we did not have to sail to much until finding a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins hunting together with cory’s shearwaters. What a sighting.

It looked like a mess, an organized mess. Dolphins hunting from below, cory’s shearwaters hunting from above! A wildlife documentary moment indeed. We could not have asked for a better afternoon.
Have a look at the photos and join us next time to come and experience moments like these in these wonderful waters of the Azores. 

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