Sperm whales and hundreds of common dolphins

We started our trip with a big group of hundreds of common dolphins, one of our resident species that we can see year-round in our waters. Dolphins pass all their lives in groups and we usually find calves, juveniles and adults all together. We have still warm temperatures in the water that they are appropriate for the baby dolphins. Even if it’s not summertime any more, in this group there were plenty of calves. During our trip we were able to sight this species three times. 

After that, we continued looking for other species, and then our lookouts spotted some sperm whales 7 miles away from Vila Franca. We had to wait a bit in the area until a sperm whale appeared just in front of us. While we were waiting our rib boat spotted a big loggerhead turtle. After a while it showed us the tail, what meant it’s going for a deep dive to look for its preys, that are mainly squids. In the same area we found another individual really curious that passed very close to our catamaran. So we can say that azorean waters are a good place for sighting cetaceans.
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