Sperm whales and dolphins in Pico Island

Our latest trip enabled us to feel fierce of the Ocean surrounding us and raising our adventure spirit.
Slowly and steadily we went to meet a pod of common dolphins foraging along with the shearwaters, both travelling fast and with a defined direction. They greeted us, approaching our zodiac as we were passively moving with them.
slow navigation also enabled us to spot and collect a lot of trash from
the Ocean, some of it by the side of one loggerhead sea turtle and some
other pieces also colonized by algae’s and surrounded by foraging

During the morning we still got to see one sperm whale, the only one sighted in the area by our lookout. This whale didn’t engage in a deep dive for the time we were with it. It was curiously having an erratic behaviour with frequent shallow dives. As we were waiting and searching for its next exhalation ‘blow’ we were approached by a spotted dolphin’s pod, with the unspotted juveniles moving fast around and near us. It is almost arriving the time for this species to migrate to southern and warmer waters!
On our afternoon trip, we got to see a female’s sperm whale group, from which we could observe one lonely juvenile, probably waiting for one of the adults to surface from their deep dives and one fully grown adult female resting at the surface with a calf by her side… In between these two sightings, we still had the opportunity to observe one small female’s Risso’s dolphin pod accompanied by their calves.
It was one more beautiful day in the Ocean!

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