Sperm whale birth this morning in the Azores

nascimento cachalote

Imagine that you are going on a whale and dolphin watching tour and realize that in the middle of your trip you are witnessing in real-time the birth of a sperm whale??

That’s what happened to us this morning in São Miguel!

Watch the video, absolutely thrilling, see a story worthy of a BBC or National Geographic documentary with animals in the wild, in the Azores!

The best part is: after the female gave birth, the group of sperm whales came towards our boat, showing the youngest addition to the family!

Did you know that this is a common practice? Our very experienced biologists and skippers say that they have been lucky enough to observe such beauty on other occasions – when there is a sperm whale birth, the group swims near the boats to proudly show the newborn. Then, always protecting the calf, the group goes in another direction! How beautiful nature is!

The passengers who traveled with us this morning witnessed an unforgettable moment, there is no doubt about it, which they will cherish for a lifetime, and they realized how we, at Futurismo, respect animals and they are the curious ones who come to see us.

See the video news on RTP Açores TV.

We’ve already seen some of these summer surprises! 2020 was a difficult year for everyone and we almost didn’t have the opportunity to go out and see these amazing encounters. But in 2019 we were lucky to witness sperm whale births at least twice in São Miguel!

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