Sightings statistics November 2021

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November was a month that gave little opportunity to go out to the sea. Wind, rain and rough seas… but there we managed to get some days that we could easily compare to summer.

Common dolphins continue to be our champion species in sightings and sperm whales also had a frequent observation.

We also had some surprise sightings, for example, the Sei Whale. These animals are seen more frequently during spring when these animals are migrating to cooler waters and with more food. Sometimes, when migrating south, these friendly giants can get a little closer to our islands, and we appreciate it.

At the end of the month we had another surprise… the atlantic spotted dolphins are still around!! Do you know what it means? That the seawater is still amazing for a dive. These dolphins love the warmest water to have their babies and be able to feed more easily. The groups of atlantic spotted dolphins that we observed were with many offspring and were very playful around our boats.

Regarding the birds, the cory’s shearwaters said goodbye to us and the common terns no longer appeared.

Let’s hope that December is also a month full of life and good weather.

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