Sightings statistics May 2022 in São Miguel island

The month of May represented a wonderful treat for whale watching aficionados. Truly a month of diversity, as a total of 11 different cetacean species were sighted! The first half of the month was marked by the resighting of the famous orca trio that was first spotted during the end of April. Being extremely comfortable around boats, and surprisingly calm, these animals made for an undeniably pleasant start to the month.

Furthermore, this month was also one of baleen whale bonanza. From the sei and humpback whales, to a total of 8 different days of blue whale sightings, May offered us with the perfect chance to observe these extremely large, yet poorly studied, marine giants.

With bottlenose and common dolphins having been sighted during most of our trips, alongside the presence of plenty of sperm whales and a few Risso’s dolphins, this month provided us with the complete resident species experience.

The second half of the month did not fall short, as our first north coast trips of the year started in the best way possible. With sperm whales having been sighted during 100% of our northern tours, together with the first yearly sightings of pilot whales, these trips made for a memorable set of events.

A final highlight of the month of May was the arrival of this year’s first Atlantic spotted dolphins. The presence of these animals, alongside the increasing number of young animals from other species, is a definitive indicator that our waters are starting to get warmer. What an astonishing month it was!

The month of May took great leaps in order to become one for the history books and left us all excited and restless for what the following month of June has in store.

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