Sightings statistics March 2022

avistamentos marco acores

Spring has arrived and, with it, our first sightings of blue whales – the largest animal to have ever lived. Despite the frequent rain and bad weather, we were still able to head out to sea and sight 7 different whale and dolphin species.

In this month we had the chance to sight all of our resident species: bottlenose dolphins, risso’s dolphins, sperm whales, and common dolphins.

The most commonly sighted species was the common dolphin, followed by the blue whale and bottlenose dolphin.

On the 4th of March, in spite of the bad weather, we were surprised by a humpback whale jumping very close to the Ponta Delgada harbour.

On the last day of the month, we had another surprise! After 2 years of no minke whale sightings, we were presented with this beautiful cetacean amidst a pod of common dolphins.

In all of our trips we have unique and memorable experiences. The behaviours of these animals are, at times, different, and we continuously learn more about them.

Despite next month being “Abril águas mil” (April thousand waters, meaning a month with a lot of rain), we hope to have the opportunity to head out to sea more often

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