Sightings statistics February 2022

cetaceos fevereiro acores

This month of February signaled the start of the baleen whale season of 2022! Despite multiple gray days, we were still able to head out to sea a handful of times.

Surprisingly, we were awarded with the first yearly sightings of 3 different species – Risso’s dolphins, humpback whales, and sei whales! One of our more elusive residents, the Risso’s dolphins, opened up this month with a spectacular display of swimming prowess around a local fishing boat.

Furthermore, we were able to spot all of our remaining resident species, including the world’s largest predator – the sperm whale, the classic bottlenose dolphins, and the colorful and acrobatic common dolphins.

However, the highlight of this month was, most definitely, the arrival of our first baleen whales. Two back-to-back days of humpback whale sightings, alongside a beautiful display of speed by a large pair of sei whales gave for a great monthly finale. The season of giants has started! In addition, we have also started to see our beloved cory’s shearwaters!

February’s indicators leave great expectations for the promising month of March!

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