Sightings statistics December 2021

avistamentos cetaceos dezembro acores

So we reached the last month of 2021, with some restrictions due to adverse weather conditions that have been felt since the middle of the month.

On our tours that we were able to do, we had the huge surprise of seeing false orcas! Sperm whales, spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins were also watched.

But the ones that most gave the show were the sei whales and the common dolphins!

Despite the drop in temperature this December, the encounter with these animals has undoubtedly warmed our hearts.

The group with a high number of false orcas feeding was the highlight of this month. But, the company of the sei whale is not far behind. This year proved to be quite atypical with the baleen whales sightings so late. It was pretty amazing!

With regard to seabirds, the yellow-legged gulls continued to accompany us on our trips. But Macaronesian shearwaters, Bulwer’s petrels, Great black-backed gulls and Black-legged kittiwakes also marked their presence on some trips. Even more noticeable was the unexpected visit of the Puffin, seen during two trips.

2022 promises many adventures and wonders. We can’t wait for the weather conditions to improve so that we can return to the sea and let you know the wonders of our ocean!

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