Sightings statistics April 2022 in São Miguel island

Although the weather did not help us much, in April we managed to spot 10 species of cetaceans, some of them very special!

We were accompanied throughout the month by our resident common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins that always delight everyone on board. We were able to identify some bottlenose dolphins that are well known by our company for several years, like the Egyptian and the Submarine.

We also had the opportunity to see striped dolphins that cause astonishment with their continuous high-speed jumps and their elegant stripes.

Another month in which we had the opportunity to see our resident whales, the sperm whales. As if showing their tails wasn’t enough, they even surprised us with some tail slapping and breaches in front of our boats.

In this best season to see baleen whales in the Azores, we managed to spot 4 species! The blue whale, which always impresses us with its enormous size for being the biggest animal that ever existed on planet Earth. The fin whale, the second-largest animal, the sei whale and the humpback whale.

To end the month in the best way, we got to see two species that we don’t see very often. We had our first false killer whale sighting of the year and, without expecting it, we still managed to see on the same day and for the second time in the year killer whales!!!

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