Lots of dolphins in São Miguel

dolphin futurismo azores

This morning the sun came out accompanied by some light rain, but not long after, the rain went away, and we had our window of opportunity to go out and try to observe these amazing sea creatures.

Leaving the marina, and by indication of our lookout, we headed west to find the first species of the day, a beautiful group of common dolphins, that despite not showing to much interest in our boat were still a joy to observe.

Continuing our trip, a bit more to the south, we manage to find another one of our resident species, the bottlenose dolphin, a beautiful group of these large dolphins playing alongside our boat, bow-riding, leaping, and two of them performing coordinated sky-high jumps, an absolute delight to watch.

Unfortunately, one of the animals in this group was seen playing with, what seemed to be, a plastic bag, a very sad thing to see, and it goes to remind us all, that we can do better when it comes to reducing the use of plastic. This dolphin, luckily, could tell plastic apart from food, but many other marine creatures can’t do that distinction, leading many times to their death.

A very exciting and educational morning at sea, with these magnificent animals that continuously amaze us day after day!

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