Risso’s dolphins weren’t that shy

Yesterday we had the pleasure to be back at sea with our guests. Wind and a little choppy sea were on the menu, but after a few miles and dozens of Cory’s Shearwaters swirling around in various directions, we spot the floating remains of what likely served as a meal for a deep sea predator, like the sperm whale. When we see what just a chunk of squid at is, we can imagine how huge a whole squid could be!

As we approached the coast, we saw a few dorsal fins belonging to one of our resident species, the Risso’s dolphin! We were able to observe a very calm group of about twenty individuals, with some logging and socializing behaviors. We were also taking pictures of the dorsal fins, which will be used for our database. After a while we decide to leave this group and to try to look for an other cetacean specie. Just a few minutes after taking in another direction, we spotted a bit further a pretty big group of dolphins, with some individuals jumping out of the water.

Interested by our boat, they fastly comes all around us, even bowriding in front of our boat. It’s always a gift when this wild animals decides to approach us that close, turning on his side and looking straight to us with their curious and deep gaze. It’s always a very intense moment to have the chance to meet their eyes!

Also we notice some ectoparasites hanging on their dorsal fin, as it’s possible to see on the pictures, as much for the dolphins of rissos as for this last species, the bottlenose dolphin.
It’s already time to come back to the harbor, join us for the next trips!

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