Remora takes an “aerial ride”

Today we started our month of October with a huge group of atlantic spotted dolphins… there were about 400 animals, of all ages and sizes! The group was moving rapidly west towards our boat, playing with the waves and we had the opportunity to see huge jumps.

Do you know why do dolphins jump? They can jump to have fun in the waves, to impress the females (and our guests), but most of the time these jumps are performed to get rid of dead skin and parasites. If you pay attention to one of the photos, you can perfectly see a remora catching a dolphin “ride”.

This dolphin jumped super high, about 4 meters, falling on its back.

We continued our journey in search of another species and found a group of bottlenose dolphins.

We immediately noticed a difference between the two species. Atlantic spotted dolphins can measure about 2.3 meters while bottlenose dolphins can reach a maximum of 4m long. These were calmer, we saw some babies swimming together with their mommys and we still managed to see some more dolphins, which were mating.

When we accompanied the bottlenose dolphins we found lots of birds, our famous cory’s shearwaters! When we have dolphins and birds in the same area it is common to see them feeding … and today was no different. Bottlenose dolphins, atlantic spotted dolphins and cory’s shearwaters at a great feast. May our trips continue like this, full of surprises!

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