No fog, the boats are ready to go!

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After a Saturday with very foggy and rainy weather, Sunday’s sunrise was bright. We were ready to go to the sea!

Still feeling the wind blowing a bit and not having the best visibility we’ve ever had, the incredible bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) brought us happiness. Our lookouts did an excellent job in spite of the mist inshore. Being our eyes in the immense ocean, they spot this amazing group, apparently, split in two subgroups.

The encounter started with a smaller group in a tight formation, mainly composed by females, juveniles and a few babies, what is called a nursery or kindergarten. Spring and summertime is reproduction season and also when the bottlenose dolphin gives birth. What an amazing period to visit the Azores! In the second encounter we had, the group was bigger in all terms, a number of individuals and, as far as we could see, only adults, the majority males, and large ones were present. This unforgettable species, the bottlenose dolphins are very acrobatic and interested. They have been bowriding (swimming in the front of the boat), leaping around, speeding up and slowing down the rhythm all the time in socialisation, being social animals is what they are!

Coming back home, we had the chance to pass very close by the area of São Roque islet. It is always astonishing to observe the fauna and flora, with common terns, rock pigeons, ruddy turnstone, yellow-legged gulls and we even managed to spot the crabs on the rock, especially the red ones were best visible. But out in the sea, we also had the company of the emblematic Cory’s shearwaters, one of them even being bothered by a great black-backed gull.

In a glimpse, one of the boats saw a tiny group of Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus), but as fast as they appeared they were gone again.

And also we had another opportunity to take more trash out of our ocean! It’s a practice we’ve had for a long time. Whenever we find trash in the sea and we can remove it, that’s what we do! Congrats to our biologists, skippers and lookouts.

Nature is wild and unpredictable, but that’s exactly why is it so mysterious and fascinating!
Come and experience it with us!

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