Lots of sperm whales and our Mr Liable in São Miguel island

We had a wonderful day today! 

In the morning our trip was a bit longer
because the animals were far away. Our lookout was able to find a group of
sperm whales and in the way of this group, we found a nice group of common
dolphins. Many played around our boat and cheered our guests in the middle of
this long trip. 

When we reached to the sperm whale area we found not one, not
two, but at least 7 sperm whales and we were able to see 5 tails. Did you know
that most of the time we see the sperm whale’s tail means they’re doing a
feeding dive?

In the afternoon we did not have to go that far because the group of
sperm whales was near the coast! We saw 4!! One smaller, 2 females and one
large male. Can you guess who this great male was? Yes … Our Mr Liable !! 

When we started our
return we were still able to find a group of common dolphins. 
May more summer
days come like today!
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