Long waiting was worth it!

futurismo acores whale watching

With nice weather conditions we left the harbour this morning, looking forward to observe some of the amazing species of cetaceans free in their habitat.

Our lookouts, who are in contact with our Skipper during the whole trip, told us the area where sperm whales had been sighted. And there we went! It was a bit far away from the usual area we stay at, but it was a good opportunity to delight ourselves with the stunning views of the Southeast coast of the island.

Just in the moment we arrived, the sperm whale was going for a deep dive, and waved at us with his big fluke. Such a pity! But here in Futurismo we don’t ever give up, and since we know these deep dives last for 45 minutes, 45 minutes we waited for it to come back up to breathe. And we can tell it was worth it!

Our colleagues in the other boat were listening to its vocal sounds – which they use for communication –  with the hydrophone while we were waiting for it and confirmed us: it was about to come back. And bang! There it was, a male sperm whale broke through the blue waters. It stayed with us for 10 minutes, and then it decided to go catch its meal, waving us again with its beautiful caudal fin.

The sperm whale left, and we did too. A little bit closer to the coast, a group of bottlenose dolphins was calmly swimming in the surface. Bubble Maker, one of the bottlenose dolphins identifyed by our biologists, was there. This individual is very easy to recognize because of the protuberance it has in the head, the bubbles it makes and it’s unusual thin body. All these details takes us to the conclusion that this animal could be malnourished.

After enjoying for a while with the presence of these animals, it was time to go back to Ponta Delgada. Our colleagues in the other boat could sight, besides of bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales, a group of common dolphins and a sei whale was seen.  The sei whale blew three times and desapeared totally. But, nevertheless, amazing!

We can not tell with words how satisfying and incredible it is to see these animals in their freedom! Do you want to experiment that feeling? Come with us! Whales, dolphins and us, are waiting for you.

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