Let’s Clean The Beach Together – 140kg collected!

Last week, on the 19th of March, the team of Futurismo woke up with a mission, gathered at the front office and went, with plenty of enthusiasm, to clean up a coastal area of São Miguel, as we do with regularity. This time, the target cleaning area was Ponta de Caetanos, in the council of Pópulo, which is located on the south coast of the island.

Once distributed the gloves and bags, the teams began to spread along the rocky and steep landscape, and with great green spirit collected a big amount of trash, some hidden and stuck between the rocks due to the time, with the waves moving the loose volcanic stones …

The vast amount of debris and other pollutants accumulated in the sea has become a problem of great concern in the last few decades, which not only affects the marine animals’ health but also our own. This pollution moves through the trophic levels, thus arriving to us through the food that we eat. Marine ecosystems are also key carbon’s absorbers and climate change mitigators, therefore becoming relevant to protect them!

In this event, a total of 19 persons collected up to 140 kg of trash in 1h20! Good job everybody! The garbage was mainly plastics such as bottles and lids, many pieces of Styrofoam and polyurethane foam, as well as fishing gear and Covid medical material, such as masks. Other things like cigarette butts, shoe soles and many medical glass flasks were gathered as well. Most surprising found were an iron and a barbecue grill.

It is essential to reduce the use of plastic, recycle properly… and be careful not to lose the sanitary masks used daily!

The information about the rubbish colleced in this costal clean up, like the previous ones, was registered in the Life IP Azores Natura Project to keep track of our efforts.

Thank you to the crew for the work done. To be continued …

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