Management in Sustainability & Leadership

Futurismo Azores Adventures participated in 2020, through one of its Directors, in the Sustainability Management and Leadership course, promoted by SDEA, EPER – Society for the Azorean Business Development in partnership with Sustain Azores and BCSD Portugal.

Together with more than 20 Azorean companies, from different sectors of the regional economy, in over six modules we addressed topics such as “History and Origin of the Concept”, “Arguments of Sustainability”, “Sustainable Production and Consumption”, “Communication and Marketing”, “The Financial System” and “Partnerships and Collaboration”.

With lecturers from various regions of Portugal and Europe, this was an opportunity for a holistic analysis of sustainability that will help us to do even more structured work with regard to our sustainability strategy.

The final event featured a presentation by each company as well as the commitment by a group of companies to collaboratively strive for sustainability not only in their business dynamics, but also with the community (click here).

Check the RTP-Açores report here

Photos kindly provided by SDEA and Sustain Azores.

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