June 2018 Sighting and statistics in São Miguel Island

The month of June was a great one for whale and dolphin
watching in the Azores. 

During this month we had a 100% success rate of seeing
whales and/or dolphins during all our tours, and we registered a total of 11
different species encountered off São Miguel Island. 

At this time of the year
we are seeing groups of sperm whales during many of our tours, and we still
have some baleen whales (mostly sei whales but also some fin whales, blue
whales and even a minke whale) migrating through, so this is a great time of
the year to see a variety of whale species. 

Our most encountered dolphin
species was the bottlenose dolphin and we also welcomed our first Atlantic
spotted dolphins of the year. 

Other dolphin species encountered were common
dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, striped dolphins and pilot whales. 

During our tours
we often encounter other types of marine life and this month’s list includes
many loggerhead turtles, a leatherback turtle, a manta ray and devil ray,
Portuguese man-o-war and a lot of flying fish. 

This is also a great time of the
year to see large flocks of seabirds, especially the Cory’s shearwaters which
often feed together with the dolphins. 

Now we are looking forward to continued
great sightings and summer weather during the next month.

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