International Coastal Cleanup Day in Futurismo

As we could not go out on the water today we decided to clean a beach; right on the day of the World Cleanup Day
We gathered people from the EMSEA conference, our biologists, even the ones which had their day off and some partners joined our action. 
We filled several big bags with a lot of human made products. Most of the pieces were made out of plastic. 
Tomorrow we will dedicate some time to analyse all the waste we collected and will report it. So they are many good reasons to clean a beach or even better to avoid to use plastic whenever possible. The action of cleaning a beach is healthy and makes you feel better. So today there is some more plastic taken out of the environment. Thanks to everybody who helped.
Plastic has a strong impact and enters in our organism. So in our daily life we are consuming    around 5g of plastic per week (weight of a credit card), like drinking bottled water. This creates inflammation, decreases our immune function and endocrine disruption but cleaning it up its good for mental and physical health. 
So join us and take as much pieces of waste you can handle when you see it lying around and avoid using it when you can, like drinking tap water in a glass or aluminium bottle.
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