Humpback whales are loving the Azores!


São Miguel woke up as a summer day and today was our first trip of February! In the morning, we went to swim with dolphins. Two of our boats went out to spend some time with our resident common dolphins . They were travelling and quite spread out so we could see a lot of different pods. 

After, we started the afternoon trip with the same dolphins but they were quite elusive so it was a little difficult to see them. 

But suddenly, one of our lookouts saw the jump of a Humpback whale ! So we went to the area where this baleen whale was seen, we waited, we waited and we kept on waiting. At the same time, the wind and the waves increased a lot and the task of finding the whale became harder. Finally a blow and the biologists scream started. 

There it was! A small Humpback all the time heading east. We saw two times its fluke and lot of continuous blows. Even when it was diving we could see it because its two pectoral white fins were very close to the surface. So the waiting was worth it! Always worth it!

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