Futurismo celebrating International Coastal Clean Up Day

The coastal clean up of Mosteiros was our contribution to Saturday’s international coastal clean up day in the month of EMSEA-Atlantic Coastal Clean-up, LIFE IP AZORES NATURA and the Foundation Oceano Azul. This activity formed part of many actions to promote Clean Up The World which was realised in 46 countries.

The sea is daily receiving big quantites of waste and washes some amount back to the shores. It falls to us, the population, to take care of our coastal areas and to avoid to deposit waste in our most precious goods, the sea!

Our team was gathering at the natural swimming pools in Mosteiros and could count with the help of our collaborators of Futurismo, the local government/council of Mosteiros, two tourists which learnd about our cause and people which were picnicking there and got inspired to help. A total of around 20 persons to take action.

121,523kg of waste was the result of only 1h 20 of effort! Wow!

On the beach were found different fishing gears (from fishing lines to buoys of nets),  cigarette butts, lids of plastic bottles and lots of microplastics. On the pebble coast and cliff area was also a lot of fishing gear, plastic items of big dimensions like barells, plastic bottles, debris and 1,750kg of glass. A third group was cleaning the picnic area where a big quantity of microplastics, 500g of cigarette butts and plenty of bottle caps were collected. We also found an etiquette of which we try to discover its origin. The main part of the gatherd waste was plastic our enemy number 1!
Most of the plastic which was once produced is still around because plastic will never disappear on its own, it only breaks down into smaller bits. A big share of this plastic ends up in the sea causing suffering and also deaths for many marine species.

So keep remembering to avoid single used plastic whenever possible and if we use it to recycle it accordingly. So it is in our hands and decisions and if all of us are doing their part our planet and we will be healthier.

Thank you very much for all your collaborations.

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