Futurismo at CoolAzores event for a sustainable ocean


This was another step towards making a difference for the protection and conservation of the ocean around the Azores. Futurismo has joined the more than 25 organizations that are part of the Convention of Organizations for a Clean Ocean. The 2nd edition of the #CoolAçores event, organized by Blue Azores, in partnership with Oceano Azul Foundation and Waitt Foundation, took place last Saturday at Hotel Caloura.

This meeting resulted in a set of environmental problems identified in each of the 9 islands. Among them is the need to improve the treatment of wastewater in the Azores and land use planning. Regarding inspection, the parties involved came to the conclusion that there is still a deficit and there must be greater supervision both at sea (fishing) and on land (agriculture).

Furthermore, it was also agreed that policies that help to contribute to greater cleanliness of the ocean to combat marine litter should be implemented. There will be more litter collection points, whether they are recycling bins, bins for butts and more litter collection points for agriculture, namely for depositing bags of animal feed.

And, finally, another point unanimously agreed upon is the challenge of combating and solving the existence of the invasive algae present in the Azorean waters.

These were some of the problems identified by the companies present at the event, which will be part of a final document that will be delivered to the Regional Government of the Azores to help create measures to protect marine ecosystems, guaranteeing a healthy ocean.

During this day full of ideas and debate around a prosperous and sustainable blue economy, it was still possible, in the early afternoon, to clean up Baixa D’areia beach, in Caloura, involving all those present at the event.

In less than an hour, it was possible to collect 51.95 kg of which corresponded to plastic.

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