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A lot of activity today at the sea! During the
morning we started with very good news from our lookout. There was a humpbackwhale very close to the coast! When we got to the area we started to look for
the whale, and after some minutes a blow appeared out of nowhere but
unfortunately it was impossible to see the whale again. In the same area  also a few common dolphins showed up. We continued our trip and by far away we could see a sperm whale showing us its tail …and as we all know, that normally means goodbye. At the end of the trip a sei whale appeared very close to our boat but once again
the whale was not in the mood to show herself. Very shy animals this morning!

In the afternoon we returned to the sea to have another great tour seeing dolphins and whales. We started with a group of common dolphins close to shore, who seemed to be enjoying surfing the waves. After some time with them we set out offshore where our lookout had seen some whale blows. After some travelling to our luck we spotted the blows of some sperm whales at the surface. In the end we encountered 5 sperm whales together. The final surprise of the day was that we got to see one of these whales breach (jump out of the water). What a great day!

Photos from today:

Common dolphins

2 sperm whales at the surface

Sperm whale breach! We were very lucky in the afternoon tour

Juvenile Northern gannet

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