Friendly and interested dolphins

There was mist in the air so even in this conditions our lookouts managed to find cetaceans for us.

First we encountered some common dolphins spread out and it took a bit of time to find the bigger part of the group in the swell, but then there they were! They came close to swim in our bow and we observed them even through the water surface.

As we always focus on the details to try to identify the individuals we immediately spotted a special one among them. The dark cape was “painted” with white lines and gave it a very beautiful unique design. The others are also different but not as obvious to distinguish for the untrained eye, but we try our best to add as many dolphins as possible to our catalogue to study them better. So next time we will look out for this special one when we see common dolphins again.

Later we continued and spent time with a nice group of bottlenose dolphins and also the swimming with dolphins entered in the water with both resident species. It was very nice to see the comparison of size and colours. Within the group of dolphins we had a perfect chance to look at a juvenile loggerhead turtle for quite some time.

Then we went back to the area of the bottlenose dolphins and witnessed different behaviours as at one time suddenly they started doing some leaps and changed direction like at command. It was a nice sight to see them entirely.

Tomorrow we will get another opportunity to visit them again in their natural habitat, do you like to join us?

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