Five different species during a single trip in Pico island!

humpback whale pico

Our morning trip started slowly, with only a few clouds on the top of the Pico Mountain and an apparently calm sea, but the wind started to blow pretty fast.

We reached the “whale zone” and waited for a while because the lookout spotted animals around. We found our first sperm whale, and then a second, who both gratified us with their presence, allowing us to see their impressive flukes by diving vertically to reach the depths of the ocean in search for food.

Some beaked whales were also in the area! We could spot a few dorsal fins far from the boat, but as it is a very elusive cetacean, we weren’t able to see them closer.

Suddenly, our spotter informed us about some baleen whales that were close to the shore. We headed straight there and after a few minutes of approach and patience, what a beautiful surprise! Humpback whales! A mother with her calf, swimming very close from the coast. Our first sighting of humpback whale in the south of Pico this year, pretty exciting!

Following the informations of our spotter, we also found a small group of bottlenose dolphins, interacting with a pilot whale apparently alone.

Time passing fast, we headed back to Lajes and found on the way a small group of pilot whales, females with calves resting at the surface.

Such a pleasant sighting to finish our sunny morning !

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