First humpback whale of the season in Pico island

Today, we had our first sightings of Humpback Whales off Pico’s coast! Really close to shore, our lookout spotted an adult female with a calf. They seemed to be doing shallow dives, taking quick breaths at surface and not spending much time underwater. Their huge white pectoral fins enabled us to see both animals as they were underwater, close to surface. 

Due to the calf presence, we had to maintain a greater distance to the animals than the usual 50 m we keep from each whale. Maintaining our respect and carefulness for the whales is also part of having better sightings of these wild animals and their natural behaviours.

In our morning trip, we have also sighted common dolphins and a huge pod of bottlenose dolphins full of scars, spread over our surroundings. They were travelling west while whistling and splashing their bodies against the water’s surface.

Another amazing morning on a beautiful Macaronesia Island in the middle of the Atlantic!

A Portuguese-man-o-war

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