First blue whale of the year!

This morning the sun came out bright and the sea was very welcoming, so we went out, and since it is springtime, the expectations were high.

The trip could not have started any better, just a few minutes after leaving the marina an amazing pod of our common dolphins right there waiting for us, these resident animals were fantastic to observe, very curious with the boat, approaching and socializing just beside us, and since the sun was out, the yellow coloration on their body was brighter than ever.

Continuing the trip, our lookout spotted some big animals a bit further out, and well, reaching the area it became clear, with blue sky, and pristine blue ocean, only one animal could complete the frame…yes you guessed…the blue whales are back!

The sheer presence of these animals is an extraordinary thing to witness, and although is not always possible to perceive their total length, the blow itself is so tall that it’s hard to believe in your own eyes.
The group was not too big and was somewhat spread, but we still manage to take a good look at these giants of the oceans, that can reach 27 meters in length and weigh up to 135 tons.

The first blue whales of the year were awesome, but after some time with these truly gargantuan creatures, it was time to head back to Ponta Delgada, with an unforgettable close encounter with the largest animal known to have existed on Earth. Let’s hope they stay around for a bit!

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