False killer whales, Sperm whales, a turtle and dolphins!!

cachalote sperm whale futurismo

With Christmas around the corner, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t expecting some kind of surprise, but who would have imagined what the sea had for us this morning…We started the day with an amazing group of our always faithful bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), a species that can be seen throughout the year in Azorean waters, but this group was special, since it was the group of our famous “Egípcio” a dolphin that is well recognised by our team due to its dorsal fin which is shaped like a triangle/pyramid.

After that, by indication of our lookout, we continued travelling east to find the big surprise of the morning…a group of false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens), the first sighting of this species in 2020, and what a wonderful sighting! The animals were very curious with our boat and kept approaching at times getting very close, with one of them passing alongside the boat belly up. False killer whales are incredible predators that can measure up to 6 meters in length and weight up to 2 tons, they feed mainly on large fish like skipjack tuna, albacore tuna, mahi-mahi and even swordfish. Important to notice that, despite having “whale” in the name, these animals are dolphins, (very large dolphins) and not whales as the name may imply.

After spending some time with the false killer whales, our lookout got everybody in even more excitement since he had spotted a group of sperm whales. After reaching the area we could immediately identify a mother with her calf at the surface and some minutes later the mother showed us her magnificent fluke and went on a feeding dive while the calf waited at the surface. Some minutes after, another pair of blows indicated the presence of other sperm whales, and after reaching the area we identified an adult female together with a juvenile and a small calf, and what a moment when the juvenile decided to approach the boat and give us the encounter of a lifetime, showing its side and fluke, leaving everybody simply breathless, of course all of this under the tight supervision of the big female. To top it off and go home with the golden ticket we also got to see some big breaches of a sperm whale that, despite the distance from us, is always amazing to witness.

A morning filled with emotions, that will remain on the memory of those aboard for a long time to come!

We also managed to take off some of litter from the sea and saw a little and beautiful turtle!

Join us in the next trip!

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