Explosion of biodiversity in Pico

Our lasts trips were amazing, the summer is almost here and the biodiversity is exploding ! The south coast of Pico was full of life these last days, with many schools of small fishes like the silvery mackerel. We could observe many predators on the area feeding on them, such as common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, but also hammerhead sharks and bigger fishes belonging to the tuna family.

Other predators coming from the sky as the Cory’s Shearwater were also enjoying the buffet. Explosion of food and life with many animals around, and all of this close to the shore. We also had the biggest aggregation of sperm whales that we have seen since a long time in the south of Pico, not less than 20 individuals socializing, with even an amazing breach for the joy of all of us ! We also have seen many striped dolphins with unusual behaviors for this species, as approaching and bowriding our boat.

No need to go to a “Marineland” for a dolphin show, the dolphins are just amazing with their own natural behaviors ! To have a chance to see this amazing Atlantic ocean wildlife, book a trip with us !

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