Educational Event to celebrate World Earth Day 2022

dia terra futurismo loja marina

Futurismo celebrated World Earth Day last Saturday, April 23, at the shop in Ponta Delgada harbor, Portas do Mar, in São Miguel island.

We had several activities for everyone who passed by! We set up two tables outside with various activities:

– drawings for children
– a poster divided between two themes: the threats to the ocean and the reasons for its importance
– an exhibition of whale food and baleen plates of the whales

And inside our shop, we had the pleasure of making two presentations about the cetacean species that pass by the Azores and some curiosities about migrating whales that the little ones love to know!

Our biologists talked about the importance of the sea to our islands and how the ocean is vital to our planet.

This educational event by Futurismo was held in collaboration with the Oceano Azul Foundation.

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