Education is the key to the future

Futurismo never stops. Even when our sea team cannot do tours due to the weather, there is always important work to be done about species research, nature protection, education and sustainable development.
This time we were at Colégio do Castanheiro to share our love for the ocean’s wildlife.

This morning our team visited a class of second graders in Colégio do Castanheiro, in order to give a presentation about the cetacean species that can be found in our archipelago.

Although young, our crowd could not be more enthusiastic! The children were filled with limitless curiosity and interest in everything we had to share with them. From the importance of our resident species, to the uniqueness of the rare and migratory species, our listeners were totally engaged.

They even did their own homework before our arrival, having themselves given a set of wonderful presentations! Something that can only be described as a fundamental learning experience.

One of our goals at Futurismo is to ensure that next generations continue developing a sense of care for our wildlife and, today, another step for a healthy future was taken!

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