Dolphins’ Show in the world smile day

dolphins fly

Today was a typical day in the Azores with some rain, sun and a lot of fog. At the beginning of the trip we met a group of common dolphins. They were not with the behavior we are used to, today they were very calm and avoiding our boats … we think they were looking for food.

 We didn’t spend too much time with them because we always have to remember that these animals are in their house and we are the visitors … so if they don’t want to be with us, we have to respect their wishes and leave the area.

We headed west and our lookout alerted our boat because he saw a group of about 100 bottlenose dolphins!! These were really fun and working for future generations and, as you can imagine, jumps … great jumps! As you know, our team of biologists does research work with several species, including bottlenose dolphins.

We found in this group a dolphin that is not yet in our catalog. There’s a cut on the front of the dorsal fin … and it still doesn’t have a name! Does anyone have a good idea of ​​a name for this animal?

Unfortunately, our lookout couldn’t see the sea anymore due to the fog… we decided to risk going a little further from the coast and trying our luck with our hydrophone… unfortunately without success.

When we were arriving in Ponta Delgada we found a group of common dolphins with many small babies and with a lot of curiosity to play with our boats. We saw jumps and we had a baby dolphin swimming around our boat.

Today was the world smile day and the goal was successfully accomplished … lots of smiles on our boats! Come smile with us tomorrow.

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