Dolphins and our Mr Liable today!

cachalote mr liable

What a great morning!
Today the sea was very calm. Having north wind for already some days, even having temperarures a bit lower, this morning looked just like a peacefull late spring day.

We’ve starded our encounters with the colourfull commmon dolphins (Delphinus delphis). The group was about 50 individuals, but quite spread out. We were pleased to see a few young dolphins, probably born in the beggining of the reproduction and birth season (early spring until end of summer).

Not far away, who was expecting us..? Yes, you’re right, it was Mr. Liable!!! This magnificent male that we know for over 16 years, was feeding during the whole morning. Our lookout (vigia) Roberto was monitorizing all the timings of his feeding dives, that took from 30 min up to 57 min. We had great moments between mead water dives, when he was restoring energy to go back to the bottom of the sea. Did you know that sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus), which is Mr. Liable, spend around 2/3 of their time feeding? It’s incredible their diving capacity!

Finnaly, a bit closer to land, we had the oportunity to observe bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). A group of around 30 individuals, and this time, we saw two babies only with a few weeks.

In all the encounters we always had the company of the cory’s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea borealis). The chicks of this emblemetic marine bird are leaving the nest for the first time, getting ready to start their journey to the warmer waters of Africa. Because of it and also because at night they get confused with the lights, its running the oldest project of conservation of Portugal, the “SOS Cagarro”. If you are in the Azores and find one lost at night, call 00351 912177542.
Nature never stop surprising us!

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