Common dolphins far and close to shore!

dolphins azores

Even though we did not have the greatest conditions, the sea state was better than yesterday and allowed us to go out and enjoy another great day at sea! Our lookouts could spot a large group of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) far away from shore. In the area we estimated that there were approximately 200 dolphins which were spread out in different pods. One group came closer to our boat and we could enjoy the company of around 40 common dolphins. We could observe their playful behaviour as they were doing bow riding. In this group, there were also juveniles and even newborns, always swimming closely to their mums.

uring our trips, biologists also take time for scientific research. This is due to the fact that the photos taken are later used for photo-id, by identifying the individuals using their unique marks present in the dorsal fin. In this voyage, we could spot a highly marked dorsal fin which we were able to photograph.

After this sighting, our lookouts spotted what could be another species of cetacean, so we headed that direction further away from the island. Unfortunately, this time we were unable to find it so we decided to start our way back to Ponta Delgada always looking for new animals! It was close to shore when we spotted a new group of common dolphins!! This time, around 80 animals always sticking together. Again, this group had juveniles and newborns in it which means that baby season has started!

Our swimming with dolphins boat encountered a fishing cable and a piece of plastic at sea. Sadly, this has become a part of our job in the past years but fortunately we work to remove as much garbage as we can everyday!

Finally, back in the harbour we saw a common tern chick which was resting on the pontoon growing more and more everyday! What a crazy mum to nest in the pontoon!

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