Coastal clean up with Castanheiro school

limpeza de costa futurismo

On the November the 5th, we resumed our activities with the Colégio do Castanheiro. What is certain is that learning needs little more than willpower and the ability to generate change.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to collaborate in a coastal clean up on the east side of Milícias beach, in São Roque.

The waste collected up lasted over 45 minutes, with the amount of small plastic waste being very impressive and, mainly, the amount of cigarette butts collected in such a short time. We’ve found for more than a thousand!

Given the proximity to large urban centers and the easy access, practically all residues that could be identified were recreational.
It is never too much to remember that if we all make a contribution, no matter how small, we will make our home a better world!

Whenever you can, join these initiatives close to you.

Written by Maria Inês Pavão

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