Blue whale once more!

whale watching azores futurismo acores

A new morning at the sea, bright and calm. We went out in search of animals again and the day did not disappoint!

Our first sighting came early. There were several large groups of common dolphins, one of the resident species already known in our waters. The animals were at all times entertaining, socialising with each other and also with us. There were even some leaping and showing off as others which were curious lifting their eyes above the surface to see what was happening out there while they showed us their indisputable and distinctive yellow hourglass pattern.

Common dolphins stayed with us for a long time and we were even able to see them in a second sighting. But we wanted to see more species so we went in search of more. We had to be patient …

After a long quest we thought that we were not going to see any more animals during our trip when suddenly our second eyes, our lookouts, alerted us of the presence of the largest animal a little further away and there we went! As soon as we arrived, we were able to observe strong and high-altitude blows. There was no doubt, after 4 days without hearing from it … we were seeing a blue whale again! And how! We were lucky to see a lot of the animal, its blue appearance through the water, its rostrum with the two blowholes ejecting huge blows, its appearingly never ending back, its tiny dorsal fin and at the very end it showed us even its tail before diving into the deep sea. What a special and a memorable moment which can be relived again and again thanks to the generous offering of one of our guest on board of the catamaran João Mendes which filmed it in slow motion. Many thanks in the name of Futurismo and I guess everyone who will enjoy this sequence of great footage which is not that easy to take from a moving platform.

Besides cetaceans we saw other animals such as a Portuguese man o’ war (Physalia physalis) and so many Cory’s shearwaters (Calonectris borealis) flying around us. There were so many that we had to slow down our boat on one occasion so as not to run over them! And moreover, we were able to observe how one of them hunted a fish and carried it in its mouth! How amazing is this marine world! We can’t wait for more!

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