Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are still around!

Today, still with some swell and refreshing rain, we went out to the ocean and were gifted by the beautiful Atlantic spotted dolphins. Did you know that spotted dolphins gain their spots with age? Indeed, when they are born, they do not have any spot!

We can find this species in the Azores until the water temperature is warm, so mainly in the summer months. They really do enjoy this time, so much that as soon as the sea temperature drops, these dolphins will leave our area,  “hunting” for nice and comfy warm waters.

The group was quite big, with several babies and juveniles.  We felt so lucky to have them around! And we managed to shot some beautiful pictures!

One of our boats also saw a loggerhead turtle!

Although we saw one species of dolphins, our waters are full of life, and lately we saw many other species of whales and dolphins. So, maybe we will have much more luck tomorrow? Join us to know!

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