Amazing jumps!

Today was an amazing day surrounded by 4 different dolphin species! Our swimming with dolphins tour enjoy the company of hundreds of common dolphins.

Our whale watching boats spread out following the instructions of our lookouts. We first encountered Atlantic spotted dolphins, the smallest dolphin species that we can see in the archipelago, but only present during summer months! They were spread out in several groups, curious and friendly towards our boats.

Then we lead off to see some other species: bottlenose dolphins! Again more than a hundred bottlenose dolphins! And among then, two well known friends: Halfie and Twisted. These two dolphins have been sighted around at least since more than two years ago. Halfie has only the left side of the tail, while Twisted has the tail curled. Check out our identification work.

Bottlenose were very active, jumping, speeding up, and even mating. Always some of them by our side! And not far from them, we have had the opportunity to see a few striped dolphins too jumping fast as usual. Sun shining and calm seas… perfect sunday morning!

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