After a long wait… sperm whales!

Like every morning we went out from the port of São Miguel without knowing what the marine life was going to show us this time.
As we moved away from the coast one of our lookouts, our second eyes so important to us, notified us that there was a group of dolphins a little further out to sea and off we went. Once there we encountered a group of common dolphins who stayed with us for quite a while. Most of them were socializing on our bow, taking advantage of the waves generated by our boat to be transported.

When the dolphins left us we went in search of another species. It was not easy but as always we never give up. From the zodiac, our colleagues put the hydrophone in the water to try to locate where the sperm whales were and bingo! After several attempts we finally managed to see two calves for a few minutes on the surface. Once they dived, it was time to head back to the harbour as we were a long way offshore.

We left, but our zodiac stayed a few more minutes in the area where they saw a female and two calves lobtailing on several occasions. Their tour finished with one of the calves showing its tail before heading off into the deep and waving goodbye.
We are already thinking about the next adventure… are you in?

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