A stunning morning blessed by the giants of the ocean!

With a clear sky and calm sea we left the harbor early in the morning. Our first sighting was a big group of bottlenose dolphins quite spread out and some of them very curious about us. They joined us in our trip for some time, bowriding and playing with each other. Among the dolphins a loggerhead turtle was calmly travelling.

After spending a good time with this species, and after our lookouts informed us about other animals sighted, it was time to leave and go find them. In our next stop we had the pleasure to watch two blue whales, a juvenile and a big adult who was probably its mother.

Due to the amazing weather conditions, these blue whales were perfectly seen from our boats. Even though blue whales only show the top part of their bodies, their blowholes and their dorsal fins, we could guess their size under the water thanks to their blue shadow. And we can tell there is no doubt these animals are the biggest of the world! Only the juvenile was immense, and usually at this age they are ¾ parts of the adults’ size.

Here in Futurismo we love all kinds of animals apart from cetaceans and for that reason we record in every trip the species of birds and other animals seen during the journey. On our way back to Ponta Delgada we saw some flying fish, a couple of Portuguese man-o-war, Cory’s seawater and common terns.

If you love the ocean as much as we do and want to live this amazing experience, come and book your ticket online or at the front desk of Futurismo. See you soon!

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